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6 Tips for a Smarter Way to Clean

    You don’t need specific cleaning products
    Do you really need different cleaning products for different surfaces? The answer is simply ‘No’.   You do not need a different cleaning product stored in different rooms throughout your home.  It is not necessarily true that more expensive and targeted products produce a better clean. Don’t buy into the hype! Think about the stains and the tools you can use to best tackle them.
  1. Fresh air is best
    Do you feel better when you take a breath of fresh air? It’s the same with your home.  When your home is not circulating fresh air frequently, it causes pollutants, allergens and dust particles to be trapped.  Air quality decreases, germs and bacteria hang around for longer.  So open up your windows and doors to ventilate your home.
  2. Use simple everyday ingredients for a healthy clean
    Most of us will have these common ingredients in our home. Water, vinegar, salt, lemon, bicarbonate soda, dish washing soap.  Try combining these into different ratios to tackle any cleaning job within the home.  Experiment with the length of time you allow the solution to sit before scrubbing and use introduce a spray bottle for easy dispensing.
  3. Less is more
    Make it a habit and put a routine in place to clean regularly. Small and quick cleans each day is easier than spending hours getting your home back from messy to clean.
  4. Green cleaning is easier than you think
    You have a tough stain and don’t know how to clean it without a cleaning product filled with chemicals? A solution is only a few key strokes away, with the power of online information; there is a certainty that someone else has already had the same dilemma you are experiencing.  Join the online community of millions of people around the word who are moving towards chemical free cleaning in their homes.
  5. Reduce and save
    If you still insist on using commercial cleaning products, try reducing the amount you use. Often it is possible to clean just as well with half as much.  You will save money and save the planet.