The Smart Home Family

Joining 1000s of Australian families in the Smart Grid, Smart City project!

The Smart Home Family: Damien; Kylie; Eli; and Zoe Taylor; and Reggie the dog were the second Smart Home Family and were selected, from more than 100 applicants, to live rent-free in the Smart Home.

Located in Sydney’s Olympic suburb of Newington, the Smart Home tested a range of Smart Grid, Smart City products and technologies in a real home environment. The Smart Home was created by Ausgrid and Sydney Water.

The Taylors knew the area well, before moving into the Smart Home they rented a house in Silverwater. Damien is an assistant principal at a school in Sydney’s north and Kylie is a former pre-school teacher, history student and full-time mum. You can follow their Smart Home adventures on facebook, twitter, youtube and the Smart Home Family blog.

The Smart Home included: 

  • 2kW BlueGen gas fuel cell + waste heat used for hot water
  • 1.0kW conventional PV
  • 0.5kW thin film PV pergola roofing
  • 5kW/10kWh RedFlow battery (Zinc Bromide flow battery)
  • Electric vehicle, Mitsubishi iMiEV and charge outlet
  • LED lighting including LED chandelier
  • In-home display for electricity which is linked to smart meter
  • Demand response air conditioner
  • Sustainable and recycled furnishings
  • Recycled water for laundry, toilet and outside
  • Water efficient fixtures
  • In-home displays for water, displaying both potable and recycled water usage

The Smart Home Family lived in the Smart Home until the end of the Smart Grid, Smart City trial in September 2013.

Smart Home Family in EV

The Taylors, the Smart Grid, Smart City Smart Home Family.