SGSC Home Energy Rebate

Reduce your energy consumption and be rewarded

The SGSC Home Energy Rebate is an incentive product where you will earn rebates by reducing your household electricity usage during a peak event.

There will be between 10 and 15 special rebate events during the trial, these will be mainly during the summer and winter months. Peak periods occur at these times when many energy-intensive appliances, such as air conditioners and heaters, are turned on at the same time.

The rebate events will occur typically between 4-8pm on weekdays. You will receive an SMS alerting you to the rebate period, plus a reminder before it begins. Rebate periods will last for 2 or 4 hours. The animation below explains what happens during peak periods in more detail.

What is peak demand for power? (Click here for transcript.)

During the rebate periods, you can help reduce demand for electricity and maximise your rebate by switching off as many non-essential electrical appliances as possible.

If you have signed up to participate in the SGSC Home Energy Rebate trial you should have now received your pre-paid Visa Card. After each event, if you have earned a rebate, the payment will be electronically credited to the Visa Card within 5 working days. The total rebate amount is calculated by assessing your reduction in electricity use during the rebate period.

The objective of this trial is to determine how effective the SGSC Home Energy Rebate is in helping electricity users manage their electricity costs.

Tips to help maximise your rebate.

To help maximise your potential rebate, see the list below for some examples of appliances you could switch off during the rebate event. The higher the running cost of the appliance, the more you benefit from switching it off.

High running cost appliances:

  • Air-conditioner
  • Clothes dryer
  • Dishwasher
  • Electric oven
  • Heater
  • Pool heater
  • Pool pump
  • Large flat screen television
  • Washing machine

Medium running cost appliances:

  • Electric cook top (large hot top)
  • Hairdryer
  • Microwave oven
  • Medium flat screen television

Low running cost appliances:

  • Fans
  • Computer and monitor
  • Small flat screen television
  • Lights

SGSC Home Energy Rebate Terms & Conditions