SGSC Home Energy Network

Control your appliances remotely

The SGSC Home Energy Network lets you view your current and historical electricity use by day, month and year, as well as the power consumption of individual household appliances.

If you have signed up to receive the SGSC Home Energy Network you will be recieving your product shortly. An Ausgrid technician will make an appointment for installation. Once installed you will be able to see your power consumption and associated estimated cost* of your household overall and up to 10 specific appliances. 

The SGSC Home Energy Network also allows participating households to turn these appliances on and off remotely using any Apple or Android smart phone or any online computer! Such a high visibility of your energy usage can help you better understand your consumption and manage your electricity costs.

The purpose of this trial is to determine how effective the SGSC Home Energy Network is in helping electricity users understand and manage their electricity costs.

Smart Home Network Plug - TEMP

A smart plug connecting appliances to the SGSC Home Energy Network

 *Electricity costs indicated by this product are estimates only (based on regulated electricity rates) and may not match your electricity retailer charges.

SGSC Home Energy Network Terms & Conditions