Electric cars

Smart Grid, Smart City electric vehicle trial

Electric cars are emerging as an alternative to traditional fuel, as well as hybrid, cars.

As part of the Smart Grid, Smart City program Ausgrid introduced 20 Mitsubishi iMiev electric cars to its fleet in Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast. Each car was fitted with an electronic logbook that tracks how the cars are driven and recharged. The trial hoped to better understand:

  • the benefits of electric vehicles
  • the affect electric vehicles will have on the grid
  • the affect electric vehicles will have on the environment
  • when and where users are most likely to charge their vehicles

The electric vehicle (EV) trial is now complete with data successfully collected from two road trials, fleet use (business) and “typical household” use. The fleet of 20 EVs totalled more than 150,000kms with 260 drivers. Both user behaviour and charging information was captured with the objective of assessing the future impact of the rollout of EVs on the electricity grid. More information on the EV trial will be available in the Final Report.

Smart Grid, Smart City electric cars project (Click here for the transcript.)