Grid-side trials

Ausgrid is trialling new technologies on the grid

A number of projects in the Smart Grid, Smart City trial aimed to see how smart grid technologies can improve the way power is supplied.  They were designed to make the power supply more efficient and reliable.

Ausgrid has completed a range of upgrades to our infrastructure and communication systems as part of the Smart Grid, Smart City program. Each project will benefit the community as well as electricity distributors like Ausgrid, creating a smarter and more reliable network. This part of the trial, called grid applications, involves new technology with control algorithms at various points on the electricity network.

The Smart Grid, Smart City grid trials were:

Active Volt Var Control
Use smart grid technology to manage voltage delivery across the network to more efficiently manage the power supply.

Fault Detection Isolation & Restoration (FDIR)
Installing equipment to better pinpoint location of faults and isolate them to restore power faster.

Substation and Feeder Monitoring (SFM)
Leveraging communications platforms to reduce the cost of getting vital asset information, including from high voltage underground cables.

Wide Area Measurement (WAM)
Using integrated Phasor Measurement Devices to better predict system state and possibly prevent network interruptions across a large area.