Ausgrid trial

Smart Grid, Smart City is led by Ausgrid

Ausgrid tested various technologies throughout the Smart Grid, Smart City project. These trials were either part of the grid-side trials or the network customer trials. The Grid trials concluded on 30 September 2013. Following this time the focus changed to analysing and reporting on the results.

The grid-side technologies were being run on the electricity infrastructure. Innovative monitoring and measuring devices were trialled on our grid to improve the reliability and efficiency of the electricity network. New grid-side devices, such as the fault isolating intelliRupter allowed emergency crews to remotely monitor electricity supply, find faults and restore power quickly and more efficiently.

The network customer trials encompassed Home Energy products, distributed generation and storage, the electric car trial and the Smart Home. These trials explored ways to improve consumer understanding of their energy consumption, to reduce peak load demand on the network and to understand how changing behaviours and technologies will affect the network in the future.



Artist's impression of a Smart Grid