About Smart Grid, Smart City

Find out about the Smart Grid, Smart City project and consortium partners

Smart Grid, Smart City was a $100 million Australian government funded project, led by Ausgrid and supported by our consortium partners.
The project tested a range of smart grid technologies; gathering information about the benefits and costs of implementing these technologies in an Australian setting. Up to 30,000 households will participate in the project which runs between 2010 and 2014.
Ausgrid lead a consortium of partners working together on this trial. EnergyAustralia, the Smart Grid, Smart City retailer partner, tested innovative technology and pricing offers. These products also made the most of new smart meters and were designed to give homes greater choice and control over their bills.

What's a smart grid?

Building a smart grid involves transforming the traditional electricity network by adding a chain of new smart technology. Technologies include smart sensors, new back-end IT systems, smart meters and a communications network. Technologies and products are being tested on both the electricity network and within households.

The Smart Grid, Smart City consortium partners come from government, industry, and education industries. We are working together to create an electricity supply which is more efficient and more intelligent in the future. The consortium partners are:

 Smart Grid Smart City consortium partners